If you are wondering how to show love to your partner, you should know there are a large number of things you can do that you had not thought about. Expressing love to your partner is essential both to enjoy a stable relationship and to keep the flame of love alive throughout the years.

35 ways to show love to your partner
35 ways to show love to your partner

35 ways to show love to your partner

We present the best thirty-five ways to show love to your partner so you can discover how to show love to people of all genders.

How to show love: hug your partner.

We start with a basic but especially important tip that couples (especially those who have been together for a long time) often forget. Showing affection and affection is essential to show your partner you love them, so take advantage of moments of intimacy and tranquillity to touch and hug him; remember that a gesture is worth a thousand words.

Kiss your partner.

As with hugs, kisses are an essential way to show love to your partner. You do not have to kiss them passionately all the time; short, tender and slow kisses can be a lovely and romantic way to show love to a man and a woman.

How to show love to my partner: say I love you.

Again, it seems like basic advice, but you would be surprised how many people think saying I love you without saying it is enough. Saying “I love you” or “I love you” does not mean abusing these words at all times, but it does mean that you can show love to your partner by saying it at least once or twice a day when the situation is appropriate and along with a kiss.

Surprise your partner.

You do not have to wait for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary day to surprise your partner. Remember that the less you expect it, the more excited the surprise will make you. You should also remember that it is not about surprising him with big, expensive gifts or dream trips: sometimes the smallest but best thought of details are the most appreciated. Buy them something that makes them excited, give them flowers, invite them to dinner at their favourite restaurant, and see a play…

The importance of friendship in the couple.

Friedrich Nietzsche said, “It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that creates unhappy marriages.” It is quite simple; you just have to be friends with your partner. Laugh together, trust each other, and explain secrets and funny gossip and you will see how in addition to showing love to your partner, your relationship will be strengthened together.

Make surprise breakfasts.

Preparing breakfast for your partner is a very romantic detail that will show him love and with which he will also see that you are an attentive couple. If your schedule does not allow you to get up before your partner, take advantage of the weekends to prepare a good delicacy or hire an online service to make surprise breakfasts and have it delivered to the door of home or work. You will love it!

How to show love to your partner: make them feel pretty.

Telling your partner that she is very pretty or that she attracts you a lot is more than a sincere phrase of love. We all like to feel comfortable and beautiful with our own body and with our appearance and, of course, the opinion of our partner matters a lot to us. You do not have to wait for a special dinner to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that you are very pretty; remind him even in the moments when he feels less attractive, and you will see how you get a smile.

Listen to your partner.

This is surely the most important advice to show love to a partner. If you want your partner to know that you pay attention and that you are in love, listen to what they have to say. This does not mean that you shut up while they speak, but you are reflecting on what they are saying. Ask questions so they can see you are attentive, and you are interested in what they are saying and do not hesitate to advise them when they do not know what to do or have problems.

If you wonder how to show love from a distance, you should know that listening is also essential; to show love to your partner you must learn to be present.

Ask your partner questions.

This advice is linked to the previous one, because to ask your partner questions you must learn to listen. However, we advise you to go one step further and ask them questions about the things they are interested in the most, about what they think about assorted topics, about points of view, etc. This will show you care about them and their way of thinking and will be a wonderful way to show love.

How to show love to my partner: make your partner laugh.

As we have discussed previously, it is essential to be you be friends with your partner, so the relationship works and remains strong. Making your partner laugh is not only a sign you share complicities and a sense of humour, but it will also encourage having an enjoyable time together and forget the little problems which may arise from monotony.

Having fun with your partner is key to wanting to spend more time together, so to show love to your partner, few things are more effective than a good laugh.

Prepare a romantic dinner.

You have heard this advice a million times, but details like these are proven to keep the flame of a relationship alive. You do not have to invite your partner to dinner somewhere expensive, you can prepare a romantic dinner at home with little and make them infinitely happy.

Make sex fun and special.

Sex is a factor, for many couples, it is essential for everything to go smoothly. We all like to feel desired and attractive in front of that special person, so if you want to show love to your partner, make sex fun and intimate; prepare something new with games, toys or a romantic atmosphere and explore new ways of making love together. You do not have to be a great innovator and put into practice the wildest sexual positions, you just need to experience new possibilities instead of taking these moments for granted and surrendering to monotony. Trust each other, show your partner you want to make their fantasies come true and enjoy the passion to the fullest.

Prepare a surprise trip.

Yes, we know this proposal is a little more risky and less economical than the previous ones, but if you have the opportunity and the means, nothing will make your partner happier than giving a surprise trip.

Monotony, work and stress can be great enemies of people and can end up wearing out relationships, so surprising your partner with a short and romantic getaway can be the perfect antidote to routine. Do you want to show love to your partner in style? Take a couple of days off and change your scene!

How to show love to your partner: celebrate their achievements

To show love to your partner and maintain a healthy and strong relationship, you must put aside envy and resentment. If you want to show love to your partner, celebrate their achievements and rejoice with them for all their victories.

Sharing the best moments of your life (both personal and professional) with your partner will make your relationship a safe and content home.

How to show love to my girlfriend: surprise your partner with a message.

If you want to show your partner love with a pleasant and simple surprise, few things are more effective than sending a romantic message for no apparent reason. It does not have to be their birthday or something extraordinary has happened, send a nice message to your partner while they are working to remind them you think of them, and you want to see them.

This gesture will make you smile and make your day improve immediately and, also, if you are wondering how to show love from a distance, you should know this little advice will also be highly effective.

Apologize when necessary.

This tip is especially for those proud people who have a tough time saying, “I’m sorry.” When it comes to keeping a relationship strong, pride must be completely set aside, as forgiveness and repentance are essential.

If you have said something out of place, you have not paid attention to your partner when you should have done it or you have broken your word, ask for forgiveness and show your partner you are sorry in some detail.

Shows interest in family and friends.

Loving also means respecting and showing interest in what is important to your partner. Another great and straightforward way to show love to your partner is to take an interest in them family and them friends: ask how they are, what they are doing, how they feel about them, etc.

It is also important you try to get along even with those people in your family or circle of friends who do not like you at all. It is clear not everyone can have a great relationship, but try, at least, to be polite and show respect, because it does not stop being someone who makes your partner happy.

Share your goals, your dreams and your joys.

Just as we have said to show love to your partner you must rejoice for their victories, you have to trust them, share your dreams and your joys.

Whether you want to know how to show love to your partner, you should keep in mind everyone likes to feel special and a few things will make them feel more important than seeing you trust them with your goals in life and your achievements. Share the best moments together; celebrate it as if it were a common victory and you will achieve a healthy relationship.

How to show love to my girlfriend or boyfriend: let me choose.

It does not matter if it is a restaurant, a play or a movie at the cinema: let them choose the plan and be excited about their decisions so they can see you share their joy.

Take the initiative.

Another way to show love to your partner is by taking the initiative; In addition, planning new things is essential so monotony does not take over the relationship. While it is true you should let your partner choose somethings, you also have to show some initiative to see you have interesting ideas and to show you are interested in making plans.

This does not mean you have to spend the day doing new things, because there will be numerous  times for everything and there is nothing like an afternoon on the couch together.

Spend the most difficult moments with your partner.

We have already talked about the importance of sharing achievements to show love to your partner, but do not forget the most difficult moments are usually the most decisive. Whether due to a health problem, family conflicts or work concerns, being by your partner’s side in the most difficult moments is one of the most effective and important signs of love.

Be honest at all times.

To show love to your partner, you may have already realized how important it is to trust each other. For this trust to remain strong and the relationship to last, you must be honest at all times with your partner. Not only means being loyal (although it is also of the utmost importance) but avoiding hiding secrets or concerns from them which could deteriorate your relationship.

Communication is key.

Communicating with your partner is one of the maximum signs of love and trust. Confess your problems, your doubts and your fears, whether they are of the same relationship or of other issues.

There are many couples who end up breaking up because they do not communicate effectively and patiently with each other, so do not forget to talk to them about everything that worries you, because if you wonder how to show love, you have to know what to express yourself it is as important as listening.

How to show love to your partner: share the most important.

Do you want to know how to show love in a simple but effective way? Then you must know that sharing is living! And no, we are not talking only about sharing achievements and dreams as we have already mentioned, but also about sharing the smallest and simplest things. Share dessert with your partner, wait to watch a series together or discover a song or group of music that you have discovered and that you think they may like. Sharing these things will make you enjoy life together.

Do some activity together.

For a relationship to work, it is essential to have things in common. While it is true that each one should have their space and their hobbies, few things will teach you how to show love as much as doing a fun activity together. Go swimming, go jogging, plan a hike in the mountains… you will keep in shape and strengthen the bonds of your relationship.

Prepare a memory box to show love to your partner.

If you want to know how to show love, this proposal is one of the most romantic. Buy a beautiful box and add in it some of your favourite memories with your partner: photos, movie tickets, love letters … in addition to showing the love you feel for them, they will see you are a thoughtful person and you value all the moments you have spent together.

How to show love your partner: avoid arguing.

Again, this advice can seem complicated at times. While it is true that sometimes getting angry is unavoidable, many times due to nerves and stress we get excessively angry for insignificant reasons.

These small arguments can end up damaging the trust and well-being of the couple, so try to relax and communicate more with your partner so they understand and how you are feeling instead of arguing all day.

Give your partner a massage.

If you want to discover how to show love and satisfy your partner to the fullest, you cannot forget about massages, one of the most romantic and attentive gestures that exist. There are two types of massage that you can bet on:

  • Spontaneous massage: If your partner had a difficult day, let him calmly relax on the couch or in bed and massage his back or feet. You can do it while you watch TV or before going to sleep; it is a simple gesture that, in addition to making them feel like new, will show that you are an attentive person.
  • Romantic massage: If you want something more passionate, prepare a romantic massage or an erotic massage for your partner. You can prepare the environment to be more intimate, buy to see them, put music and get a good massage oil to maximize pleasure.

How to show love from a distance: write a love letter.

Few things can show love to a woman or a man as much as writing a personal and intimate love letter. You do not have to be a literature scholar; you just have to open your heart and explain to that special person everything that he means to you.

If you like to write and are good at it, you can always take a little more risk and write a love poem. Not only will you show that you think of your partner but you will have a memory your love forever.

How to show love from a distance: nice good night message.

If you wonder how to show love from a distance, this proposal is ideal for you, as it is a beautiful, free and very romantic option. Say good night to your partner every day with a beautiful and romantic message so that they go to bed with a smile on their lips and know that you are thinking of them.

Remember that many times the simplest details are those that are forgotten before and those that make you lose the tenderness and attention of the first days.

How to show love from a distance: say good morning.

We cannot forget the good morning message either, because if you want to show love from a distance to your partner, you should take advantage of details like these so that they can see that it is present in your thoughts even if it is not physically present.

Along with the message you can attach a funny photo so that he gets up on the right foot and makes him smile.

Defend and respect your partner.

It may sound obvious, but if you want to know how to show love to your partner, you must know the importance of defending and respecting your relationship. This advice covers an extremely broad meaning, as it means that you have to value and protect your partner in all things.

Do not disrespect or belittle their tastes and ideals and act the same in front of them as in front of your friends and/or family to see that you are loyal and respect your commitment.

Show love to your partner with a post-it.

The famous and colourful post-its can be an ideal option if you are wondering how to show love to your partner. It is a simple and romantic gesture that, without a doubt, will make your partner smile. Write romantic love messages or jokes on some of these pieces of paper and leave them posted at home or around your work area to be found by surprise.

As well as being a terrific way to show love to a partner, it is a fun technique that will instantly improve your day.

Flirt with your partner.

That the time you have been together is not an impediment for you to flirt with your partner and remind what you like the most about your partner’s personality and appearance. Not only will you show your partner love and offer your full attention, but with flirting phrases you can start a fun and erotic game with which you are sure to have an exciting time.

Help your partner in everything he needs.

The last tip if you are wondering how to show love is as simple but as fundamental as this: help your partner in everything they need. Do not wait for your partner to ask you for something, give them a break by taking charge of certain things and be attentive so your partner can see it is your goal to help at all times.

With these tips, in addition to strengthening the relationship to the maximum and creating a healthy, fun and intimate dynamic, this will show love to your partner and together you can both overcome any bump.


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