Do you want your relationship to go well?

 Then it will be essential that both of you do your part, feel like fighting for yourselves and that you dedicate the time necessary for your story to be fruitful. As with friendships, couples can also be considered as a plant that requires daily or frequent watering so that it can grow strong and healthy. If you ignore it, in the end the inevitable will happen: your relationship, like the plant, will gradually wither until, in the end, it dies.

7 tips to make a relationship work
7 tips to make a relationship work

For this reason it is important that the two members of the couple put their energy and enthusiasm so that your relationship goes well, so, in this article we are going to give you 7 tips for a relationship to work that you can easily apply in your day to day.

Don’t try to change your partner

This is something that happens more often than we think. When a couple has been together for some time, the woman (to a greater extent) tends to want to modify some aspects of her partner to better suit her tastes. They may be elements that seem silly or secondary but, in reality, what we are achieving is canceling the personality of the other person and committing a serious lack of respect.

Obviously in a relationship it is essential that the two members adapt and conform to each other but this does not mean that some personal aspects have to be changed. To find out if you have tried to change your partner, ask yourself a question: have you ever made any observation about something that is not really your concern at all? The way you dress, the relationship you have with your friends, the way you communicate, and so on. This is something that you should detect and stop doing immediately because it is a lack of respect towards their individuality and personality.

Always speak from the “I” and avoid using the “you”.

Another tip for a relationship to work is that when you are having a serious discussion or conversation, avoid talking about it and speak only from your point of view. A very common mistake is that couples, over time, end up believing that they know everything about each other and, therefore, anticipate each other’s facts and thoughts. This is a serious mistake because, in the end, we do not even give him room to speak and express himself freely.

To avoid falling into this error, it is better that you change the orientation of the conversation and instead of saying “you have done.” tell him “I have felt.” In this way you will always be speaking from your perception and in no case will you be accusing him of having committed any mistake or wrong before you. You are only expressing your feelings and, therefore, the other person will be able to understand you better without feeling attacked.

Treat discussions individually

If you want your relationship to work, it is important that you learn to argue. That is to say, it is inevitable that, sooner or later, there will come a time between you in which you do not agree or that you get nervous about something that has been said to you and that has hurt you. This situation will occur at some point so it is necessary that, first, you try to control your nerves so that the situation does not get out of hand and does not become a mountain out of a grain of sand. But later, you will have to sit down with your partner and talk calmly, trying to exchange points of view so that you do not hurt each other but you understand each other.

When you already have several accumulated arguments in your relationship, sometimes, it is difficult to control that we compare different past situations with the current one and, then, a silly argument that could have been resolved in 15 minutes, ends up being a real fight that lasts for more than 1 hour. Careful with this! Treat the discussions individually and if you see that there is something from the past that still hurts, save it in your mind and talk about it with your partner at another time to solve it.

Leave it its own space and independence

Another tip for a relationship to work is that everyone has their space. It is vital that, in addition to your life together, each one can enjoy their individuality and dedicate some time of the weekend to meet up with their friends or enjoy their family without you being in the way. Respecting the independence of the other is one of the most necessary factors for a couple to be oxygenated and the relationship is not suffocating.

If you do everything together, if you do not have moments to have fun without the presence of your partner, in the end you will feel that you are abandoning yourself and your relationship can end up being dependent, something very toxic and difficult to manage.

Trust is essential for a relationship to work

And for the previous point to work naturally and without discussion, trust must exist. Many jealous people have a really bad time when their partner goes out to dinner or dancing, the reason is that they do not fully trust each other and, in the end, fears and insecurities spontaneously flourish.

A relationship without trust is not a healthy relationship because control, possessiveness and jealousy will appear regularly and, in the end, will end the patience of the affected person. Lack of trust in a relationship can appear because the person in question has had some traumatic experience in the past, but also because of a lack of self-esteem, security, etc. It is important to learn to trust your partner for the relationship to work, otherwise, your days is numbered.

Your relationship is like a plant: you have to water it

All the advice we’ve just given you will be of no use if you don’t pay attention to your relationship. There are people who tend to adjust quickly to situations and, over time, end up leaving their partners in the background. This is not due to lack of interest, it is simply out of habit. But we have to avoid it at all costs because love is something that has to be cultivated day by day, look by look, word by word. Making your union strong and intense will only depend on yourselves and, if you don’t take care of it, over time it will weaken and, in the end, you can become strangers living in the same house.

Receive your partner with a kiss and a smile every day when they get home from work, send them a message to see how their day is going, surprise them one night with a romantic dinner at home or go out for a weekend getaway. All these details are necessary for the relationship to stay afloat and not end up in a sinking state, so get to work!

Sex is important, take care of it!

And within a list of tips for a relationship to work, sex could not be absent. Couples, when they have been together for a while, can see how routine takes over the bed and, therefore, they lose interest, libido drops and, in the end, sex is more of an obligation than devotion. This, like everything else, can be improved with determination and with a good attitude so if lately you have detected that your encounters are a bit boring, take the bull by the horns and dare to try new erotic games that will help you pass it in big.

Buy yourself sexy clothes or an erotic costume, surprise your partner with a spicy night in a hotel, get yourself some toys like handcuffs, bandages or vibrators. Open your mind to the novelty and enjoy sex again!

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