How to hide the fact that you like someone

How to hide the fact that you like someone tips to avoid being noticed
How to hide the fact that you like someone tips to avoid being noticed

Sometimes we like another person but, for certain reasons, we do not want to confess our love or not even be noticed. It can be someone you spend your days with, for example at work, school or university, or it can just be a person for whom you have started to have feelings but know that it cannot be. At that moment, you would like not to get upset every time you see that person, to show yourself as natural as possible and prevent him from seeing that you like him. You simply have to learn to manage your nerves and realize how you act to control yourself in case you put yourself in evidence. It is not difficult; you just have to put it into practice. If you want to know some tips, in this article we will tell you how to hide that you like someone.

When you like someone forbidden, take care of your non-verbal expression.

Gestures are something that we do not take into account but that say a lot about us, especially if ours is true love. These are things we do without realizing it, such as touching our hair, crossing our legs, resting our heads on our fists, crossing our arms. All this, even if we do it unconsciously, is a reflection of our feelings and emotions.

Some of the gestures that can give you away are:

  • The distance between you is shorter: When you are talking to the one you like, your body automatically moves closer to his. It is not something very noticeable, but observes for a few days at what distance you talk to another person and what the distance is with him or her and try to correct it, as if you were talking to anyone.
  • You hold his gaze for a long time: Sometimes this is difficult to identify, because you may be gawking openly or your shyness may only allow you to contemplate him for a few seconds. But it is true that, if you stop to think about it, it is possible that you look that person more in the eye than any other.
  • Your reaction to physical contact: This is another gesture that can give you away.  When she brushes your arm for something casual or takes your hand for something, if your nerves invade at that moment, it will show. The best thing is that you try to act normal.

When someone attracts you a lot, keep busy.

If you can’t avoid getting on your nerves when that person appears or talks to you, try to keep busy. Look at the mobile as if you have messages to reply or continue with your work. In this way it will be a more relaxed atmosphere, a natural conversation and you will be aware of other things and not only fix your attention on him or her. In addition, this will also serve to convey that it is not your priority, which would show that there is some feeling.

Of course, do not do it if the two of you have been alone to have something or you could take it badly.

How to be yourself with the person you like.

If you don’t know how to be yourself with the one you like, here are some tips:

  • Do not change the way you act when he approaches you: There are people who, not wanting to show that they like someone, act distant or even get defensive or answer badly. This can lead to misunderstandings and the other might think that you even have a problem with it.
  • At the same as before you liked him: If you are friends or colleagues, treat him in the same way as before. If you talked a lot, keep doing it like nothing. The best thing to prevent him from knowing that you like him is to maintain the same relationship as always: neither show more affection nor walk away.
  • Strike up a conversation naturally: Don’t get on your nerves. Talk to him like someone else and he won’t know the difference.
  • Do not avoid the person: Avoiding them will only make them realize that something is happening.

When you like someone forbidden, don’t despair.

Does he write you a WhatsApp and you answer him running? Does she greet you and quickly try to start a conversation so she doesn’t slip away? Tall! Don’t be desperate to talk or be with that person. If she doesn’t feel the same way about you, she could become overwhelmed and distance herself more. If you want to write to him, you can do it, but don’t be on him all the time or he will find that you like him.

When someone attracts you a lot, control your nerves.

This is the hardest part of all. How can I control my nerves if they appear alone when I see who you like? Practice some relaxation techniques at home and put them in place for when you meet that person. In time, everything will work out. It does not mean repressing your feelings, but it does mean preventing them from coming out in the form of nerves to the outside. Here we explain some relaxation techniques.

Breathing techniques.

This is one of the best relaxation techniques; we explain this breathing technique step by step:

  1. Sit down and breathe deeply several times for air.
  2. Hold it for a few seconds and release it slowly.
  3. Repeat both steps as many times as you see necessary.

Obviously this cannot be done when that person is in front of you, but if you study or work together and you get on your nerves, you can excuse yourself and go to the bathroom for a few minutes to put it into practice and relax. In addition, on many occasions the nerves go to the gut. This technique can help you prevent or relieve intestinal symptoms.

Emotional control technique.

With this technique we learn how to stop thinking. When we get nervous because we like a person, it is because a lot of thoughts are created in our head, most of them negative: “What is he thinking of me? Will he like me or someone else?” Sometimes we give you answers to these questions, but they are negative. These thoughts do not help us anything, but to make us more nervous. That is why we can learn to control them. How? We explain it to you:

  1. When you get upset in front of that person, detect what kind of thoughts you are having.
  2. It can help to make a list of the most recurring thoughts or feelings you have.
  3. Once you are clear about what is on your mind with the person you like, be alert and, when they appear again, try to stop those thoughts and replace them with more positive ones.

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