The passage of time, routine, customs, accommodation, trust. All these factors can cause a relationship to wear out little by little, to lose the desire, to lack emotion and to install monotony in your lives. But why let this happen?

Although it’s normal for feelings to take other forms over time, you don’t have to settle for it. In this article we want to encourage you to change your attitude, to put your heart into it and to recover the spark of your relationship so that you can enjoy 100% of your partner.

Are you willing to regain your passion and love to feel those butterflies in your stomach again? If the answer is yes, this article will interest you. Here are the keys to help you know how to keep a relationship alive.

How to keep a relationship alive - the best tips
How to keep a relationship alive – the best tips



Why does the flame of a relationship go out?

The passage of time, routine, monotony or priorities change over the years. Sometimes all this can directly affect a relationship, since feelings change and you think that it is not the same as before. There are some signs to see if the flame of your relationship is going out, something you must detect if you want to remedy it and know how to keep a relationship alive. Check what is wrong before solving it:


  • Sometimes, it is common that with habit and accommodation you lose interest in looking good and stop worrying about your appearance. This can translate into loss of physical attraction. Although it is normal for passion to calm down and another type of love reigns after maintaining a long-lasting relationship, you should not let the attraction lose itself.

Time together

  • Another sign that the flame is going out is that you no longer have the need or the desire to spend a lot of time together. You have set priorities separately and that can take a toll on the couple.


  • One reason the flame goes out is a lack of communication. Not talking before bed or at dinner time, not sharing how the day has gone, concerns, plans. All together; it is an important reason why the flame can go out.


  • The loss of trust in your partner, doubts about the veracity of your relationship, your fidelity, and your dedication can cause the appearance of problems and scolding.


  • Monotony can establish itself in your life without you realizing it. In your conversations, in your activities, in sex. It is one of the factors that most influences the future, since plans or projects are diminishing.

If you no longer celebrate life as before, suppose before asking, if the signs of affection are no longer evident, if the sex has been reduced or is not of quality, if there is no delivery, if communication has been lost or already you do not pay the same attention, it is time to get down to work and recover the lost spark.

Keeping a relationship alive: tips

The first step in keeping a relationship alive is to identify what’s wrong, be honest, and  decide if your relationship is worth fighting for. We believe that after so many years of love, surely you have a thousand reasons why to regain the spark or, on the contrary, not to let the moments of weakness make yours become something boring, monotonous and banal.

The key

Never stop the game of seduction. If you want to keep your relationship alive, it is important that you relive the best moments that you have spent. Do you remember how it all started? Well try to ignite those feelings again. We know that it is not easy, but surely if you play again to fall in love, to seduce each other, to please yourself, your relationship will be much more pleasant, exciting, fun and, why not, satisfactory.

Pay attention to your partner

  • Both in the morning and when you return from your work. Find a moment to communicate, to be together, for the world to stop and just the two of you. Even if it’s only a few minutes. A little love, communication and affection towards your partner on a daily basis will greatly improve things between the two of you.

Go back to the roots

  • As we have said, to keep a relationship alive you must reactivate the game of seduction. Express your love and affection daily to your partner, remember what you like the most about yourselves and express them again.

Spend more time together

  • It is important that you share your tastes and that you carry out activities that make you happy together. Sharing will make you enjoy twice as much. How about signing up for dance classes or a cooking class together? Or maybe you can enjoy the sea or the mountains more. Spending time together and enjoying this time is critical to keeping a relationship alive.

More romanticism

  • Along the same lines, it is important to fall in love again and enjoy romanticism as a couple. A romantic dinner, a getaway. Look for that moment of intimacy in which romance should be your banner.


  • We cannot ignore that it is a very important point. If yours has become a monotonous routine, it is time to experiment. Change, try new things and go back to enjoying sex together. This will be very important to rekindle the flame of your passion. Arouse the desire of your partner.

Communication, tolerance and respect

  • All of them are basic pillars in a relationship. Obviously the moments of weakness will come, the doubts, the disappointments, and the mistakes. On the part of both. So if you want to overcome them, it is important to be sincere but not hurtful, listen and be heard, respect and resolve any adversity together. Working as a team will unite you much more.

Things to avoid

To keep your relationship alive, there are strengths that you must enhance, such as sex, communication, the time you share or future plans and common projects, but there are also certain aspects that you should not overlook because it is better to avoid them. Aim:

  • Don’t let negativity invade your relationship. It is very easy to play angry, ignore or complain about everything. Avoid this type of harmful communication, which sometimes becomes a routine that causes sparks to fly quickly for trivial reasons (you always leave the toilet seat open, you have had an extra beer, you do not stop criticizing, etc.). If there is something that bothers you about your partner, do not say it when you are horny. Learn to find the right moments for communication and look at it from a broad perspective, thus avoiding absurd discussions.
  • What really matters? Think about it and focus on it. Spend more time with your partner and prioritize it before watching TV, chatting with friends or paying attention to your social networks. Don’t let new technologies kill the magic of your relationship and activate the most erotic, fun and real part of your partner.
  • Understand your partner and try to avoid those things that bother him.

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