In relationships it is always difficult to attract a person that we like or for whom we feel love and desire. Many times, a couple begins with a physical and sexual attraction, which over time becomes a stable relationship.

How to make my lover fall in love - the best tips
How to make my lover fall in love – the best tips

However, this is not always the case because, sometimes, it is just simply a sexual attraction, which does not go beyond there.

These types of relationships have the risk that one of the two people may fall in love and that is when questions such as ” how can I make my lover fall in love ?” in order to move towards a more solid and stable relationship.

From sex to lover’s love.

Although it is not easy to go from sex to love, the truth is that if the lover feels a real attraction, he has a lot of cattle to fall in love with. And it is that in a relationship, sex is a fundamental part.

In fact, if it does not work well in this aspect, the couple suffers and, if it is not solved, it can lead to the breakup no matter how much both love each other. To get a lover to fall in love, a good trick is to make sex even more incredible so that he feels even more attracted.

In addition, it can be very positive that sexual encounters occur more frequently, trying to meet in different environments and everyday places to see what that person is like in different situations.

The objective is none other than to get to know him better beyond the sheets to try to use all that information to become the perfect partner for that person.

If the sexual relationship that is maintained already lasts over time and there is a certain level of trust.

It is time to comment on personal issues, experiences and experiences, tastes and preferences to divert attention from simply a sexual encounter towards interest by the other person.

However, be careful because you should not talk about problems or touch on topics that the lover can generate stress or rejection.

The perfect match for the lover.

Once you have that knowledge on a more personal level of the sexual partner, the next step to make your lover fall in love is to start designing conquest strategies.

It is time for you to show yourself as something more than the perfect lover, that is, as the perfect person to share his life.

That is to say, it is important that he sees that you are a person who supports him, that you make him happy that life is easier and more beautiful with you, that you understand and respect him, he can talk to you, and so on.

The key is to awaken positive feelings  and above all to show admiration.

Also something very important is that even if you want to get their attention out of bed and want to make them see that you are a good fit  for a relationship. Do not lie to them by making them believe that you are in a way that fits with what you have discovered that attracts them in this sense.

Surprises to fall in love.

To conquer the lover, another key is to surprise him and not only in bed. One of the reasons why a person looks for a lover is because their relationship with their stable partner has fallen into monotony. If you are not with another person, surprises also help to attract you.

So it is time to prepare them, taking into account the tastes and preferences of the lover.  For example, dinners can be prepared, although they should not be very romantic to prevent the person from noticing that we already have feelings of love towards them and feeling pressured.

It also works to organize getaways for a day or two, if only under the pretext of sexual encounters, which will allow you to spend more time with your partner and talk about topics that interest you and that will facilitate closer sentimental ties.

Taking care of yourself to conquer your lover.

To make your lover fall in love, you should always try to take care of yourself and remain an attractive person for your partner because, if they have noticed you, it is because you have some particularity qualities or aspect with your personality, physique, way of dressing, etc., which they like and not in other people.

Qualities or Aspects

One or more of these qualities or aspects must be strengthened so they feel more attractive and this will in turn continue to maintain their attention. The encounters to continue seeing each other and being able to conquer their love. Touch makes the affection.

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