Distance relationships

 Are more difficult because there is no direct contact or the possibility of surprising the couple. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Nowadays, there are many opportunities to keep in touch and enjoy even if you are miles away.
How to surprise your partner from a distance
How to surprise your partner from a distance

In this article we are going to give you a series of ideas so that you know how to surprise your partner from a distance and keep the flame of love and passion alive.

New technologies to surprise your partner.

Distance today is not as much of a problem as before because now there are many ways to communicate with the emergence of new technologies, which did not exist before. And this makes it much easier to surprise the couple.

Here we give you the best ideas to surprise your partner from a distance thanks to technology:

  1. For example, through videoconferencing applications, such as Skype, you can connect with your partner at a time that you know will be at home and live a new experience together such as dinner. Through the Internet, it is possible to hire a food delivery or catering service with your favourite dishes so that they can take them home and eat them while you are on the other side of the screen also eating. You can even decorate the room with candles or romantic objects to create more atmospheres.
  2. Another way to surprise your partner is to send him a video of your day to day so that he can see it whenever he wants or make compositions of photographs as an album or collage to keep you in mind.
  3. Of coursetext messages or instant messaging applications are a good option to express your feelings whenever you want and surprise your loved one or send them a poem that you have written thinking about your love, among other options.

Option of calling your partner

Whenever you want, you can have long conversations to keep up to date with your life in the distance and even organize the talk so that it is a bit risqué and does not lose the passion.


Computer are helpful in having a sexual encounter, even if it is virtual. You can prepare it and give it a surprise by dressing in the clothes that your partner likes. The rest is up to you.

Gifts to surprise your loved one.

Sometimes surprises don’t have to be complicated. With simple gestures in the day to day can be more than enough. It always works well to send a gift on dates that are not designated as birthday, Valentine’s Day or the anniversary celebration.

They don’t have to be very expensive items either. For example, there are many radio shows where you can dedicate a song. It is also possible to put your photo in your favourite magazine or make a personalized book with your love story. Everything can be worth it. It’s just a matter of ingenuity and thinking about what your partner would really like.

Encounters to be with your partner.

One of the best surprises you can give your partner is to organize a meeting so that you can see each other and spend a few days together. For example, give him some tickets and a hotel night in a place that he likes or that has been important in your relationship and that you have good memories of. The surprise will be even greater if you prepare it without knowing what the end goal is and that you will be there.

Another option is that you travel to visit your partner, but without saying anything. It will be a big surprise when she opens the door and sees you there. You can also plan some activities for you to do together at meeting places that are halfway there.

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