The communication is a basic and fundamental pillar for any type of relationship comes to fruition. If you are the type of person who finds it difficult to demonstrate their feelings or express themselves clearly, this new article that we present to you is perfect for you. Put aside cowardice and stay away from half measures, because they will only cause – in the long run – confrontations, arguments and displeasure.

How to talk to my partner about my feelings
How to talk to my partner about my feelings

Your partner must be aware of what you think and what you feel, because only then will you be able to understand and complement each other. Here are some tips on how to talk to your partner about your feelings. Open your heart and let everything that you have inside come out. With good communication your union will be much stronger and true. Do not be afraid!

How to talk to my partner about my feelings

  • Everything is shared with the person you love, so in order to talk about your feelings it is important to create an intimate environment that allows you to feel loved and accepted with your virtues, defects and emotional deficiencies.
  • It is important that this space is shared and true, because only then can you respect and love each other reciprocally.

Understand that intimacy

  • Is not just sharing the same space (the house, the bed, the bathroom), nor being alone, intimacy is sharing affections, words and, above all, feelings.
  • Although this may seem obvious, not everyone is so clear. Coexistence must become transparency, only in this way will a good environment of trust and communication be created.

Lack of communication

  • Its a huge drag in any relationship, by this we do not mean that your partner does not know how to speak, but rather to express feelings. Say what you want, what you don’t want and what you need at all times.
  • You must understand that it is not worth accepting everything or expressing yourself reluctantly, based on reproaches, confrontations, impositions.
  • It is not worth throwing things in your face without more, since the other person does not have the power to guess what is happening to you. going through the head, just as you cannot know about your partner.

 How important it is to communicate effectively.

  • If you or your partner are very closed and never open to express your emotions, feelings, wishes or desires, you must face reality and make your partner see that you both have a problem.
  • Put aside the shame, lean on both of you and carry out communication exercises that allow you to create that affective nucleus necessary for everything to flow.
  • It is important that you order your ideas, because it is not worth releasing everything the first time and without thinking. You must know what you want, what you don’t want and what you need and thus communicate it to your partner.
  • With this exercise, you will not only unleash your interests, but you will probably realize that you need more than you have.
  • Happiness comes from feeling liberated and this, with total security, will take a great weight off your shoulders.

Communicate and listen

  • A couple is two, so it is not worth saying what one wants and it’s over. It is not about imposing, but about understanding what they need to get ahead together.
  • It is important to know how to express your feelings but also to listen and understand the other. Empathy will be essential for you to reach an agreement and your relationship lasted for life.
  • If you see that you are not able to say everything to your face, you will have to work on it even more.
  • You can start by writing a letter or an e-mail to your partner, but you will have to face reality and little by little find the best way to communicate.
  • Of course, if you choose to write make sure that the message is correct and that it has been clearly understood, otherwise you could cause a new problem in the couple.
  • In case this solution does not work either, it may be necessary to go to a couple’s therapy, where a professional in the field can help you.

Don’t act impulsively

  • If you improvise or channel everything you have inside without thinking, you will not achieve the desired effect.
  • We insist that you must create a climate of trust, sincerity and empathy for your relationship to be fruitful. Cold mind and calm heart, serenity must be the way to reach a successful conclusion.

Kindness and tolerance

  • should also be two key points when communicating with your You should not only want to know what he has to say, but also respect and understand him.
  • With fluent and tolerant communication, you will learn what your strengths and weaknesses are – both in your relationship and on a personal level – and you will be able to work on building a solid and sincere relationship.

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