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How to tell him that I don’t want any serious relationship is not an easy task. It is a rejection that will have a very strong impact on your partner’s self-esteem and nobody likes to go through this situation, it is sad, humiliating and very hard. If you want to make your sentimental position clear but you want to do it with delicacy and care, we recommend that you continue reading. There are many ways to express what you really want without hurting the other person.

How to tell him that I don't want any serious relationship
How to tell him that I don’t want any serious relationship


Steps to follow:

Tell him and make it clear

  • What you want from a relationship, you must clearly state your feelings from the first moment and thus not mislead. Many times, when you start a relationship you give hope to be able to continue spending time with that person who attracts you so much, but you have to be very careful not to create false expectations because later you can do a lot of damage. This is sometimes done unintentionally and in other cases you may feel over time that this person is not your soulmate.

Never had serious relationships

  • express what you are looking for on a sentimental level from the beginning, you can for example say that you have never had serious relationships. In this way, you will be making it clear that your life is not life as a couple. Sincerity will be your best ally and if you do it soon, you will avoid misunderstandings that cause a lot of damage. You can also choose to tell him that you like to enjoy the moment and are not looking for a long-term alliance. Be clear not to have future conflicts, if when you start dating someone you are firm and frank with your intentions, you will be gaining a lot of ground.

Been sincere from the beginning

  • If you have not been sincere from the beginning of the relationship and you realize later that you do not want anything serious, you will have to find a good time to talk about it. As soon as you know that you don’t want to have anything long-term with your partner, the important thing is that you discuss it with her as soon as possible. Find an appropriate place and time to have that conversation. It is logical to want to avoid confrontation especially if you want to continue having contact, but the truth gently spoken will be the best way to express your feelings.

Tell him how you feel

  • Sit in front of your partner, tell him how you feel and what you expect from this relationship. Don’t say anything to him that might offend him, as there is no need to be dismissive. Tell him that you are attracted to him, that you want to spend time with him, but that you are not considering anything permanent and that for now you do not want anything serious.
  • Once you make your position clear, wait to see the other person’s reaction. He may not like knowing that you don’t want to be serious, but if you’ve said it gently and delicately, he’ll appreciate your show of frankness and may want to stick with you to enjoy the moment.

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