Happiness does not appear by magic in a person’s life, but is created in a conscious way through our actions and emotional intelligence. How to use emotional intelligence to be happier. We give you the keys to improve your level of well-being thanks to emotional control, discover how to use emotional intelligence to be happier.

How to use emotional intelligence to be happier
How to use emotional intelligence to be happier

Steps to follow:

Simplify your life

The simplest solution is usually the most appropriate to a conflict. Remember that life is simpler than we humans make it. Learn to differentiate those issues that you can resolve from the issues that transcend your field of decision. In that case, learn to trust your own life, which also has its inner wisdom.

knowing yourself

You can only get to know others and improve your social relationships when you really take the step of knowing yourself and looking inside yourself without fear. Today’s society marked by constant distractions makes this introspection difficult. Contact with nature fosters the capacity for internal analysis. In the same way, yoga helps you make contact with the now.

 learn from others

People have unlimited capacity for growth. Therefore, learn from others, do not close in on yourself and be an observer. Read books, participate in cultural activities, be humbler because the wisest people have the humility to recognize their own shortcomings.

Realistic concept of happiness

Have a realistic concept of happiness. If you seek the unattainable or if you idealize a life that you cannot have then you are walking against the right direction. Happiness is having an optimal level of satisfaction internally with our own life. Of course, in a happy life there are also moments of intense joy and fulfilment. But it is impossible to feel that euphoria forever. In the midst of the deepest serenity, you will find the greatest happiness.

Judge people less

Give yourself a chance to get to know them. Looks are deceiving. You have to fight against your own prejudices in order to know reality itself and have good social relationships.

Find the balance

Between work, personal life and individual space to be able to feed your life in each area. How will you know when that balance is broken? When you feel sadness or anxiety inside you, you have to listen to those signals to analyse what is happening.


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Steps to follow:
• Since we were little, we need caresses for our emotional growth, it is these gestures that show us the affection that our parents feel for us when we do not understand spoken language. Throughout our lives, caresses will always have a positive effect on us.
• Caresses promote relaxation, significantly reducing stress and reassuring your partner, which is why it is an excellent alternative to strengthen ties after a long day of work and stress.
• They are also a highly pleasant gesture that may well represent love or desire, that is why they can never be lacking during foreplay and sexual encounters.
• The University of North Carolina and Pittsburgh conducted a joint study with 59 to determine the effects of caresses, the results showed that in addition to generating pleasure and reducing tension, they reduce blood pressure to benefit cardiovascular health. An important discovery that gives us one more reason to caress our partner every day.
• In addition, caresses work to strengthen ties and show your partner, without the need to use words, the love you feel. It is a form of intimacy that also allows the partner to develop complicity.
• Just like kisses, caresses are also full of benefits and are an unequivocal symbol of union that demonstrates and of health in the relationship, so you already know, to caress your partner!


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