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  • To completely surprise your girl, the first thing you should do is something that comes especially from your heart, something that you want and that comes from you, without it being an obligation. For this reason, we recommend that you do it on a date chosen at random, without it being a day marked on the calendar, because in this way the surprise will be assured.
  • When you do something from the heart, the emotion runs deeper. Show your girl how much you love her. Tell her. How? How about a beautiful love letter, where you express all your feelings or if you have an artist inside, with a poem or a song. To give it more emotion and leave a trace of yourself, you can impregnate the paper where your words are hidden with a little of your perfume. Or you can even dedicate a song to her through her favourite radio station. You will leave her speechless.
  • Love notes. Do you remember how exciting grades were in school? Why not put it into practice to surprise your partner. We suggest you play hide romantic or spicy notes at home or among your personal belongings.