Love, that feeling so natural but at the same time so complicated. How easy and difficult it is at the same time. Feelings of infatuation and love are sometimes difficult to detect.  Sometimes we do not know if that affection we feel towards a person is simple appreciation or is something more. Am I falling in love? Am I starting to like this person? When the river sounds water it carries, and at the moment these questions arise it is because perhaps there is something more than simple appreciation or friendship. However, before taking the step it is best to be sure of what we feel. In this article we explain how you feel when you like a person.

What do you feel when you like a person - discover the signs
What do you feel when you like a person – discover the signs

Butterflies in the stomach.

The expression “butterflies in the stomach” is widely used when a person likes someone.  This is because when you see that person you feel something moving in your gut. They are usually nerves, but the feeling is one of exaltation and joy. It is also linked to the overturning of the heart, which is like a feeling that your heart is suddenly much faster, but you feel euphoria and excessive joy. This acceleration is due to hormones called adrenaline and noradrenalin that your body secretes. And they also cause you to blush, which is usually quite common when someone likes you or when someone attracts you a lot.

In addition, this feeling of butterflies in the stomach is accompanied by a smile that is drawn on your face. Either when you see that person live or when you speak through the phone, WhatsApp or remember them.

Feeling nervous.

Nerves flow without measure when you like a person. Even if you are not a person who gets nervous easily, it is normal to have this feeling when you are with the person you like or if you talk to them. You can try to hide it, but in most cases you cannot stop worrying about how the other person will see you or what they will think of you. You wonder if you have said something incoherent, if what you have said he does not like or if you have screwed up both in conversation and physically.

Sometimes we become very clumsy when we like someone. To the point that we fall or trip over more often. It is a clear sign that that person means something else to you.

Have my mind elsewhere

If you are interested in knowing what it feels like when you like a person, think that when this happens, your mind is most of the time elsewhere, that is, you spend much of your time thinking about that personWithout realizing it, you find yourself dreaming of that person and thinking about them, or even daydreaming and imagining situations.  This is completely normal and shows that this person matters more to you than you thought.

In addition, it is very common that you inadvertently mention it in all conversations. There is always something that reminds you of that person. Imagine that, for example, a colleague from work tells you something, or your friend, and you have an anecdote with that person that you want to bring to light. This is because your mind cannot stop having that person present.

Excessive happiness.

Happiness is a constant state of mind when you like a person, it is really normal that you are always happy and cheerful. This is because the endorphins in our body are in their splendour, that is, there are high levels of these and they increase the pleasant moments.  Besides happiness, we also feel hyperactive and we don’t want to stop, we have more energy.

Happiness can become so intense and exalted that it even takes you off at night, but don’t worry; you won’t be tired the next day. When you like a person it brings you vitality. If you notice that lately you are happier than usual and think too much of someone, you know what happens to you.

In addition, that happiness brings luminosity to our faces and even shines in our eyes.  Therefore, many people can ask you if you are in love just by looking at you and seeing your behaviour.

You feel sad when the person you like is not there.

Without meaning to, you feel sad when that person is not there or you do not speak. In short, when you don’t feel her around. For example, if it is someone from work when you come home you probably feel somewhat empty. It is normal; it is the slump after the exaltation when you see her. The best thing is to think that you will see that person again.

In addition, it often happens that many times you distance yourself from that person and even though you thought it would be normal, you start to feel sad and you don’t know why. What’s happening to me? What happens to you is that you like that person, and you miss starting a conversation or seeing her. It happens a lot when it is someone you see in your day to day and vacations arrive or one of the two must change the routine and your paths no longer cross so much. You should feel happy about the vacation period, the trips, the adventures, the changes in your life, etc., but deep down something is making you not feel completely happy. If so, consider that maybe you feel more than friendship.

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