If you are one of those people who you think has not fallen in love, despite having been with some people you should not worry. Love is something very subjective and everyone lives it in their own way. However, there are certain emotional changes that we all feel when we are in love. We must also bear in mind that falling in love in its initial phase, when the relationship is beginning and you are getting to know that person, is not the same as when several months or even years have passed. Real love is felt from beginning to end, but many couples break up before experiencing that change in the way they love someone. In this article we tell you what it feels like when you truly fall in love, both at the beginning and over time.

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What do you feel when you really fall in love
What do you feel when you really fall in love

The famous butterflies in the stomach.

How many times have we heard the famous expression “butterflies in the stomach” when you fall in love? And you may not know what it means. Actually, it refers to the knot in the stomach that you feel when you like a person, especially at the beginning in its most initial phase. This is nothing more than a reaction resulting from the nerves that we feel when we are knowing someone sentimentally.

The stomach is known as the second brain, since it also has neurons. Both combined react and there is that tingling sensation in the stomach or even knot. First dates are very exciting and exciting, but at the same time it is normal to feel nervous. That is why for the first few days, or even weeks, we feel this tickling in our stomach every time we go to see that person.

Faster heart.

And if the butterflies in the stomach are a familiar thing, which has not, heard of heart overturning? Another sensation you have when you fall in love with someone is the acceleration of the heart. It seems that it is going to come out of our chest. It is also due to a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

If you get a what’s app, a message, a call or any notification from that person, your heart races. Just like when you go to meet him/her.

It may not speed up too much and is just a heart-pounding, breathtaking moment that fills you with excitement. As the heart accelerates, we receive more oxygen and that is why our breathing also increases at times.

Altered emotions.

During infatuation, our emotions are altered. At first, we are exalted with happiness and excited. We are an explosion of feelings of joy, nerves and exaltation.

With the passage of time, our emotions are balanced and although we continue to feel that attraction and affection for the other person, we no longer get nervous.

At first, it is normal that we even suffer changes that affect our state, for example we lose our appetite. With the passage of time, the emotions balance and give way to a less exalted and calmer relationship, although equally full of love.

Do you want to spend time with that person.

It is normal that during the first days, weeks or even months you want to spend a lot of time with that person.

For the relationship to be long-lasting and healthy, you must have your time alone or with friends and your time with that person, as the relationship could become dependent.

When you fall in love, you want to spend every day and every hour with that person, however truly falling in love, loving someone means continuing your life by sharing it with that person. When you truly fall in love, you do not need to obsess over that person, you do not need to possess her in every moment but quite the opposite, you want her to follow her life, have her freedom and can share with you the moments you have. This moment marks the difference between the temporary infatuation and the real one, unconditional love with respect and freedom.

Really falling in love does not mean owning a person or not letting them do what they want because we want to have them by the side, because we have to spend as much time as possible together. It means the opposite, that each one has her life and that you share it.

You care about the other person.

It also happens that as the relationship progresses, that person begins to mean more and more to you. Although at first you also worry about him or her, the truth is that as the months and years go by, being in love really means that their problems become yours.

Idealize the other person.

When you fall in love early in a relationship, you are idealizing the other person. You think she is the best person you can spend the rest of your life with and that she is perfect. However, this feeling does not last forever.

Falling in love for real doesn’t mean finding the perfect person, because they don’t exist.  When you really fall in love and really love, you know that the other person has their flaws, you like them more or less, but despite this you remain by their side and love them as they are.

It happens very often that when the blindfold falls off and we see the defects of that person, we try to make him change, to return to the way he was. But really that person has always been like that, we just didn’t see him with the same eyes. If you want a person to change, perhaps this person is not the right one for you.

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