Maintaining an open relationship is something that is attractive to many couples, who may see it as an option to experience new things or to break their sexual routine.

However, as with any type of relationship, maintaining an open relationship should be a decision made by the two of them together, since otherwise the situation could end up causing significant emotional damage as well as the final breakdown of the couple.

What does it mean to have an open relationship
What does it mean to have an open relationship


Meaning of an open relationship.

When the two members of a couple agree on the desire to have an open relationship, they admit that they love and care for each other but, on the other hand, they agree to want to see other people and experiment on the sexual plane with them.

In general, those involved in an open relationship consider that they love each other with passion but that, at the same time, they can have sexual relations with people other than their partner, for which they will not have any affective bond and that will not harm their love relationship.

Primary/secondary relationship model.

The definition that we have explained in the previous section can be defined as a primary/ secondary relationship model. That is, there is a loving relationship between two people (primary relationship) and the two members of the couple may have one or more secondary relationships outside of this relationship, which do not have the same importance and are not as committed as the primary one.

Multiple partners/polyfidelity.

In the so-called multiple partners or polyfidelity model, all partners in each other come to be considered as part of the primary relationship and are valued as equal participants. This could occur in a man who has relationships with several women at the same time, or conversely a woman who is related to several men; and even through a combination of both sexes.

Multiple non-primary relationships.

In the model of multiple non-primary relationships, the concepts of fidelity or commitment are completely eliminated. They have several romantic relationships, but still consider themselves as single people without any commitment.

This means that for that person all possible partners are equal, that none will have a greater value than another, as well as a greater degree of commitment. Normally, when asked, those who have this type of open relationship usually answer that they are alone or that you have a friend or a special friend.




Managing a liberal relationship is not easy and, obviously, not everyone can accept having this type of relationship. The most important thing is that if your partner intends to have such a relationship, first examine the reasons he gives you. In the event that either of you does not want to continue with the relationship, it is best to put an end to it and move forward, each on their own way.

In the event that you both agree, it is essential to discuss this issue in great detail and establish all kinds of guidelines to be clear about how far you can and want to go by having several relationships at the same time.

Being honest and trusting the other is essential to be able to handle an open relationship;  Always remember that the most important thing is that in this type of relationship both members of the couple agree and enjoy them. Avoid agreeing to have an open relationship with your partner simply to please them, as you will most likely end up suffering too much.

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