Do you get bored every time you see your partner? Do you notice that your relationship has become more and more routine?

If your answer is yes, you should start paying attention to what is happening, since boredom is a symptom that something is not working between you.

Not sharing hobbies or goals, communication problems and a not very passionate and interesting life as a couple could be many of the reasons why you are starting to get bored with that person.

What to do if my partner bores me - find out here
What to do if my partner bores me – find out here

The first solution that could come to your head is to cut the relationship with your boyfriend / girlfriend.

However, when you have ruled out that option and if you decide to continue with your partner, it will be very important to seek solutions immediately.

That is why, in this article, we explain what to do if my partner bores me through a series of tips that will help you solve this problem in your relationship.

Accept the situation and talk to your partner.

Before trying to find solutions, it is very important that you accept this uncomfortable emotional situation, although we know that it is not exactly an easy task.

When we have a problem with our partner, it is very common that the first reaction is to blame the other person; both for the situation and that we have these types of feelings.

However, before you explode on your boyfriend / girlfriend and make your emotional problems worse, you will have to accept that half the fault for getting bored with your partner is also yours.

Therefore, once you recognize and accept that you feel that you have fallen into monotony, the next step will be to talk with your partner and explain what is happening to you without blaming anyone.

It is necessary that you analyse the situation and that both of you (not just the other person) commit to make a personal effort to redirect your relationship and get out of the routine.

Try to remember why you fell in love with your partner.

When we spend a lot of time with a person, it is quite common that, whether due to routine, stress, arguments and even other personal problems, we end up forgetting why we started a relationship with our partner.

As a consequence, we stop paying the attention our boyfriend / girlfriend needs, generating an emotional distance between that person and you and, also, feelings of boredom.

Therefore, one of the recommendations on what to do if my partner bores me is to remember what attracted you to that person, why you fell in love with him or her.

To help you, you can grab a notepad and start writing down the things you like the most about your partner, their strengths and the elements, both physical and psychological, that you feel most attracted to.

This is a good way to begin to solve your boredom situation and to love that person as you did before.

Find activities and hobbies in common.

One of the main reasons why a person feels bored with their partner, especially if it is a recent relationship, is that, once the first stages of falling in love have passed, you realize that you have nothing of to talk or that your hobbies do not match his.

At first this is not appreciated, sometimes, due to the maximum physical attraction at the beginning. However, if you have been going out for a few months and notice that you get bored with that person when you spend a little more time than normal with him or her, it is probably because you have not worried about looking for things to do together, in addition to drinking something or sex.

Therefore, talk to that person about both their hobbies and yours, until you find common things for the two of you to do together. From going to the movies, going to dance classes to attending events together or playing the game console. In this way, you will have fun again and have fun with your partner.

Recover your personal space.

Another reason why you feel bored with your partner is because perhaps you are dedicating all your time to the relationship and nothing to your own interests.

This situation can not only cause boredom and laziness, but also, over time, will cause you to accumulate overwhelm and stress, which will end up leaving in bad ways because you have lost your personal space, for whatever reasons.

For this reason, it is absolutely essential that you start taking time for yourself now, be it going out with your friends, seeing your family members or even spending a while alone listening to music, doing sports or playing the console.

In this way, you will not only have fun doing things you like, but you will also let your relationship “breathe” and can go back to how it was before.

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