It is totally normal that a fight or argument can occur from time to time in a relationship.  However, what happens when this type of situation occurs even for the slightest clumsiness that your boyfriend/girlfriend has? Why am I so angry with my partner?

Why am I so angry with my partner?
Why am I so angry with my partner?
  • When couple arguments happen day after day and become harmful, it is logical that feelings of anger, rage and irritability can wear down a partner to the point of breaking it.
  •  It is also natural that if everything your partner does irritates you, you stop to reflect on whether there is some aspect of the relationship that is not working.
  •  Therefore, in the following article we will give you some reasons that answer your question about why I get so angry with my partner for anything. Keep reading!

Bad past situations that haven’t been settled

  • One of the main reasons that answer your question of “why am I so angry with my partner?” May be because there are issues that occurred in your partner’s past that were not completely resolved.
  •  When a couple had a fight for serious reasons (such as cheating or infidelity) a long time   ago and did not speak enough for everything to be settled
  • Its quite common that the things that they did not get to say at that certain moment are saved and therefore a little resentment is created towards the couple.
  •  Resentment that accumulates day after day and every time your partner irritates you for   any slightest clumsiness he may have, the things that hurt you come to the surface in the   form of anger or discussion.

You both have a dominant character

  • Another reason why your partner constantly irritates you may be because you both have a fairly dominant character. This type of strong and similar personalities can cause, little by little, to form a kind of “power struggle” between you and your partner.
  • Due to this, the tension between the two grows progressively until the personality clash explodes and there is already a situation in which you frequently have arguments as a couple because each one thinks that he is right and the other is wrong even to the point. time to choose one product or another, for example.
  • In these types of situations, he / she and you should learn to listen and bring your positions closer, since otherwise, surely your relationship will end up broken by your own ego. Also, this other article may help you in the moments in which you debate or discuss something having a strong character both.

Your partner is not how you wanted him to be

  • A very common mistake when we like a person is to get to idealize them so much that, finally, we end up falling in love with a projection of our partner. The problem with idealizing a person is that we create a series of totally false expectations that with the passage of time will be frustrated by reality.
  • That is, your boyfriend / girlfriend have always had the same personality, the same flaws and the same virtues. However, you will realize little by little that what you fell in love with was your own romantic expectations, so when reality presents itself to you surely, you will be unjustifiably angry with that person for everything he does or says because of the feelings of disappointment and frustration within you.

You have problems and you pay it with your partner

  • Among the reasons that answer the question that has arisen as to why I am so angry with my partner, there may be the possibility that you do not feel good about other aspects of your life (such as work or family) and you are downloading all that anger and frustration in your partner.
  • It is normal that when we do not feel well due to a bad situation at work or a family argument, we find ourselves more irascible and frustrated.  However, we have to try not to pay it with the rest of the people, since they are not to blame for that situation.
  • If this is the reason why you get so angry with your partner you could try instead of getting angry and paying it with him/her, tell him what is wrong with you and explain how you feel about other aspects of your life.
  • In addition to not pushing that person away, you will be able to vent and find yourself much better.

Why I Get So Angry With My Partner: Other Common Reasons.

  • In addition to the situations that we have explained above, there are other reasons why you get very angry with your boyfriend or girlfriend:
  • You don’t manage your emotions well: If, for example, you feel irrationally jealous and you get angry with your partner for something they haven’t done, it is because you don’t know how to control your feelings.
  • There is no communication: Many discussions between couples originate precisely because we do not know how to express ourselves well. It is important that we try to have an assertive communication that is without reproaches or rises.
  •   You take some things for granted: surely more than once you have noticed your partner weirder than normal or during a conversation he has not explained himself completely and you have already taken for granted that he is angry with you or has told you the things in a harmful way. Before drawing your own conclusions, talk to your partner and ask him about it.

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