Bad boys

Why do women prefer bad boys?

It has always been said that women prefer bad guys, good guys can’t understand it and wonder why we prefer to suffer instead of being with someone calm.

No matter how much we avoid it we end up looking at the most rebellious.

It is possible that we are attracted to danger, even if it is unconsciously, and that is why we end up looking at the bad boy of class or work.

The time has come to give an answer to why do women prefer bad boys?

 We give you 5 answers that could explain it

Why do women prefer bad boys?
Why do women prefer bad boys?

The uncertainty of being with a bad boy.

When you start a relationship with a kind and calm guy who promises that he will not leave you, you know that 98% of the time it is true, which gives a surprising peace of mind to the relationship.

But sometimes that tires us, since when you start with a more rebellious one you know that everything is in the air which will make you have a hard time sometimes.

But will also make you try your best and take advantage of every second that you are with him, because perhaps it is the last.

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Some protect you and others will make you risk.

When you are asked to do things that are outside of your comfort zone, things that you would never have done yourself, the double feeling of panic and euphoria that emerges in you ends up hooking you.

A good boy will always keep you safe, a bad boy will make you expel all the adrenaline in you. Yes, that’s how we are…

Why do women prefer bad boys? They make us have a good time, but at the same time they make us take risks, that we experience the limit.

Is he an attractive sensitive boy?

After a study conducted at the University of Illinois men like us to be sensitive, they are sexually attracted to it.

However, the opposite happens to most women, it does not seem that sensitivity makes them less masculine but it does not make them more attractive either. It seems that we like not knowing what they think or what they feel, once again we play with uncertainty.

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That roller coaster of emotions.

By being with a bad boy you know that you can be at the height of the relationship and the next second be on the ground.

They do not let you settle down, they keep you in a constant coming and going of good and bad feelings.

But of course in the end it makes the good moments very good and unforgettable, while if you have a flatter relationship in the end it becomes the norm, reducing emotion.

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And what does science think?

Scientists associate this load of attraction to bad guys having infinite self-confidence , which 100% of us women like.

An unapologetic boy who talks and acts as he sees fit at all times without caring the least what they say about him.

Just as many of them are attracted to us making it difficult for them, girls also tend to like that they are not constantly on top.

With such high self-esteem, guys don’t think about looking good to you or acting, so when we get them to laugh or do something for us it is worth ten times.

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