Have you noticed in a while that you have too much news from your previous partner? Every time you browse social networks, does your ex-boyfriend / a suddenly publish a photo with another person or write hints when he knows that you are going to read them? If you have answered in the affirmative or have felt identified with these words, it is surely because that person tries to get your attention to make you jealous. But why does my ex want to make me jealous?

Why does my ex want to make me jealous - know why?
Why does my ex want to make me jealous – know why?

If you have asked yourself this question and want to put an end to your doubts, we recommend that you continue reading this article, where we will explain the possible reasons that a previous partner could have to awaken those kinds of feelings in you. Take note!

Your ex feels empty.

Sometimes, when an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend with whom the relationship ended a long time ago suddenly reappears and pretends that you have this type of reaction, it is simply because he is bored or feels something sentimentally empty and seeks to give him a feeling. Little excitement to your life.

This usually happens when that person is not having a good time in the area of ​​love and relationships, and seeks a distraction to avoid facing loneliness. In this case, that person has thought that the best distraction to feel better is to get close to you again, so they try to make you jealous to remove feelings from the past.

However, we recommend that you ignore it and delete it from all social networks, since it is likely that when another person appears in their life, they will forget about you again and ignore you as they were doing during all this time in which you were separated.

You have recently ended the relationship.

Another possible reason why he wants to make you jealous is because you were the one who decided to end your relationship a few weeks or months ago. This reaction usually occurs when the other person did not want to separate from you and thinks that, by making you jealous, you will return with him or her.

It may also be that he does not seek to be with you again, but tries to bring out those negative feelings in you because he is angry or feels resentment towards you, so he seeks to hurt you in this way. If he is doing this to get revenge on you, the most recommended option is that you do not enter into following this relationship in any way, since if you are jealous, that person will think that he has succeeded in his intentions and will continue to have the same attitude with you.

You are not happy with your current relationship.

Another reason why your ex may be trying to make you jealous is because they are not doing too well with their current boyfriend / girlfriend. This happens, especially, when it was said person who ended their relationship with you because, either they thought they wanted to be with someone who was different from you so that their love life would be good, or they may already be starting to like someone else in the last bars of your relationship.

In any case, by observing that your current relationship is failing, you will be reconsidering the way you see yourself and be with you again. To do this, he will use the tactic of jealousy to find out if you still feel something for him or her and try to fight so that your relationship continues right where it ended.

Your ex wants to have sex with you.

Most of the time, when an ex wants to make his previous partner jealous, it is because he wants to go back to bed with this person from his past. Thus, if your ex wants to make you jealous, it may be because he wants to have relationships with you again. This reaction could have been caused because suddenly, one day, you appeared in the contacts that perhaps he knows and he saw how attractive you appear in your current photographs.  It may also be that he is with someone else and wants to have an affair with you because you know what he likes in bed.

In any case, it is more advisable that you continue with your life instead of paying attention to him since, once he has managed to sleep with you, he will surely forget you again, until he has some sexual intention with you again.

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