Surely, you have noticed that not all people close their eyes when kissing. It is an act that usually attracts attention because it is always kept in mind (and the movies show it), that a passionate and true kiss is given with the eyes closed. But is this just a popular belief? Is it habitual?

Have you ever wondered,

Why doesn't my boyfriend close his eyes when he kisses me

Why doesn’t my boyfriend close his eyes when he kisses me

why my boyfriend doesn’t close his eyes when he kisses me?

 In this article we are going to explain the main reasons why he kisses you with his eyes open. We anticipate that some of the reasons are somewhat surprising. And it is that multiple investigations have been carried out on the kiss, whose conclusions can leave you with “wide eyes”.

What does it mean to look with open eyes.

Kiss and feelings are two words that have always been related. And part of the reason is because, traditionally, the images of kisses are shown with the eyes closed. This is usually synonymous with the fact that the person really loves you.

 However, it is nothing more than a popular belief that has not been scientifically proven. In general (there can always be an exception), your boyfriend doesn’t like you more or less for kissing you with his eyes open or closed.

Kissing with closed eyes

In fact, kissing with closed eyes is more common in women. Various investigations estimate the percentage of those who kiss with their eyes closed at more than 90%.  However, it is not as common in men. In them, this data falls to approximately 30%.

Be in touch

The reasons why men tend to prefer to kiss with their eyes open corresponds to the fact that they need to be in touch with reality. When you close your eyes, the sensations are more noticeable, rising to an internal level so high that many men find it difficult to control. Do not forget that even today men are still being educated not to show their emotions and feelings. Managing them can take your boyfriend a while.

Why does he kiss you looking into your eyes?

If your boyfriend kisses with his eyes open, he probably wants not only to be in control of his inner feelings, but also to prolong the sexual encounterIt is scientifically proven that when you go to kiss the mouth, your eyes automatically close. The key to this gesture is in the brain, according to the latest research conducted at the University of London and it is that, when they close their eyes

The Attention is focused on the task in question

That is on the kiss. However, If there is eye contact (that is, if the eyes are open), it is more difficult for the brain to process the sensations that come through the mouth because its attention is not focused on the action of kissing.

This may be related to the need to prolong the sexual encounter because eye contact also makes the person less aware of their sense of touch. Specifically, it has been found that the eyes are much less sensitive to touch when the eyes work more, that is, they have more visual stimuli. This causes that the pleasure and the sensations that are obtained through the sexual encounter are delayed by that less tactile sensitivity.

Other reasons for kissing looking away.

Apart from scientific research and popular beliefs, there are other reasons or reasons that are used to explain why your boyfriend does not close his eyes when kissing you.

  1. One of them is that he likes to see your feelings and reactions and observe how you enjoy the sexual encounter. Having your eyes open can give you more than one clue as to what you like best during sex.

  2. Keeping a certain distance from the person is another reason. Many men think that this way they will not totally fall in love with you. This does not imply that your boyfriend doesn’t love you, but that he likes to be in control of the situation and the relationship and take his time until he knows you more. Sometimes it’s just a way to protect yourself so you don’t suffer if the relationship goes wrong.

  3. Kissing with open eyes is also common at the beginning of romantic relationships, when there is still little confidence or sexual encounters have not occurred. Also, in the first kiss your boyfriend may prefer to kiss with his eyes open to see how you react, especially when it is a stolen kiss.

What causes a guy to open his eyes during a kiss? Perhaps because he always did it that way.

There is nothing wrong with it, and perhaps it’s just a part of who he is, even though it may not be what we see in movies and on television.

Nothing more than a personality quirk. If you find it upsetting, consider why, and if it’s more than just “that’s not normal,” explain to him why you feel uncomfortable.

It would be incorrect to suggest that kissing with your eyes open is strange, even though it feels strange. Nobody should care how you like to kiss, possibly not even your boyfriend.


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