The kiss on the mouth is always associated with passion and love. In fact within sex it is one of the most intimate acts in the couple.

However, there are people who do not always kiss the person they are with on the lips or, suddenly, they stop doing it.

Why doesn't my partner kiss me on the mouth?
Why doesn’t my partner kiss me on the mouth?

Although it may seem incredible, there are people who do not kiss during the dating season.

It is a gesture that of course draws attention because, in general, at the beginning of the relationship is when you most want to be with your partner and have sex with them.

Why doesn’t my partner kiss me on the mouth

  • In these cases, the safest thing is that your partner will not kiss you on the mouth because he does not want to commit or because he is not ready for the commitment yet.
  •  Here you should also observe other types of behaviours that he has with you so that you can see if he only loves you as a sexual partner and does not love you.
  • On the contrary he refuses to kiss you because he considers that it is already a very important step in the relationship that is not there yet.

My boyfriend doesn’t kiss me like before.

  • If at the beginning of the relationship, during the courtship and the first years of marriage. Your partner kissed you on the mouth and has stopped doing so there are another series of explanations that may be behind this position.

Loss of passion

  • One of them is that you have been able to lose passion and have less interest in sex than at the beginning of the relationship.
  • To this is added the day-to-day and routine along with possible fights or anger. Which make the person with whom you live become distant and do not feel the same attraction as at the beginning.

Professional or family problems

  • The fact that your partner does not kiss you on the mouth is not only due to this lack or loss of passion. Many times what is hidden behind are many professional or family problems (they do not have to be with you) which cause the libido to go down.
  • This in turn leads to the partner not kissing you on the mouth because they are tired or do not want a full sexual relationship and believe that. If they initiate contact by kissing you they will have to perform the sexual act.


  •  You also have to take into account especially if you have been living together for a long time and have children that you often stop kissing because the children are in front of you and they are too young to understand it.
  • Sometimes it is done out of fear of being seen in intimate situations or out of embarrassment. This is important because in general society it is not well seen that a couple who have been together for years or are of a certain age kiss in public.
  • The kiss on the mouth is always associated with adolescence youth, first love and courtship.

The couple is already stable

  •  On other occasions, what can happen is that they no longer kiss as much as before because they do not feel so much need to have that physical contact.
  • The reason is none other than that it is considered that the couple is already stable and should not be conquered.

When there are never kisses in a relationship

  • There are couples who never kiss on the mouth even if they have been together for a long time and have even gotten married or have a very serious commitment and a future project in common.
  • This is often due to the fact that they are people who do not give importance to affection who usually associate it with the action of kissing.

Bad experiences

  • There may also be other causes such as bad experiences that have generated that you do not like kissing or some type of psychological trauma or abuse in previous stages of your life that you do not know.



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