In a relationship not everything is always wonderful and yours may be going through a bump.

One of the most common problems when having a partner is having the unfortunate feeling that perhaps that person is not appreciating you enough. Although sometimes they are imaginations caused by some fear or personal complex.

The reality is that most of those times when you feel bad it is because your partner does not really value you and is less emotionally involved with the relationship.

Why doesn't my partner value me
Why doesn’t my partner value me

If you are going through a situation like this, you will surely ask yourself why doesn’t my partner value me. In this article we will analyse the possible causes of this situation and above all we will give you some tips to help you feel valued again.

Although sometimes it may happen that you are going through a bad personal moment and you imagine that your partner no longer treats you the same way.

Most of the time your feelings are real and that is that the person with whom you share your life has stopped value you. To know if your partner does not value you, you can observe if there are two or more of the following signs:

8 Signs your partner no longer values ​​you

  1. When you need him to be with you because you feel bad or sad about some serious situation and your partner is not there or leaves you at the bottom of his list of priorities.
  2. He never supports you or has stopped supporting you. A partner should try to motivate you to fulfil your personal aspirations and should never hold you back.
  3. They have forgotten details aspects or situations important to you. We are not only referring to anniversary or birthday dates but other events that are important to you.
  4. He is not grateful to you. It is not about you doing something so that later your partner does something for you. We mean that when you try to do something for that person (a dinner a gift etc.) not only does he not thank you but also criticizes your good gesture.
  5. When you talk about any topic (especially if it is important) and do not take your opinions into account. It is not about listening to you in everything you say, but about listening to you and thinking that your opinions are just as important as each other.
  6. It also does not value you if your partner cannot detach from the mobile when you are together, but nevertheless it takes hours to answer your messages.
  7. You no longer feel special to that person. It is not about her having to give you gifts without stopping but about small daily gestures such as a nice message that your partner hugs you when you least expect it or that your partner makes you a romantic dinner.
  8. If you no longer feel as happy with your partner or you think you have to settle for the current situation.

Why does my partner no longer value me?

If you have felt identified with more than one sign that we have explained previously, it is because your partner has really stopped valuing you. These are the possible causes  of why this sad situation has arrived:

  • If your partner does not value you the first culprit of the situation is you. Think of all the times that person humiliated you or simply belittled your way of thinking or dressing in addition to allowing them to agreed with them.
  • As much as you love your partner you should never give everything for her. It is good that you value your partner and that is one of the most important people in your life.But you must prioritize yourself too since even if that person tries to do everything they can for you, you will never feel that it is enough and you will feel little valued.
  • It also can happen when your partner gets used of you giving everything to them.  They will finally stop appreciating everything you do for them, may even come to despise you.

How to deal with the fact that your partner no longer values ​​you.

Here are some guidelines for you to learn how to deal with the fact that your partner no longer values ​​you and solve it:

If you want to be valued, than value yourself first

Until a person does not love himself it is very difficult for him to have a healthy relationship. Don’t seek approval from anyone appreciate your skills and fight your insecurities. This is an important step to get your partner to respect you and also value you, but above all to feel better about yourself.

Talk to your partner about this situation

It is important to talk with your partner so that he knows how you feel since surely he will not have noticed his behaviour. If he really loves you he will try to change his attitude and value you again.

Make him see you in a different way

Tell him to accompany you to a dinner with your friends or a swimming lesson since perhaps he is used to seeing only one side of you.

Be independent

Although it sounds very typical the reality is that when you are more independent from your partner. This person will notice that you are no longer so assured and will want to get closer to you again.

If all else fails, it’s time to break up with your partner

All though it sounds that hard if your partner ignores everything you have done to make him value you again The best thing you can do is break up with that person as you deserve something better and you will surely find someone who truly values ​​you.

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