Love is that complex feeling that everyone talks about, each with their story. Each person is different and, as such, each one has their feelings and sees things differently. What is romantic for one person may not be so for another. There are those who want to have serious and lasting relationships constantly and there are those who prefer not to give themselves completely and change partners or simply not have one. But you, who see these couples holding hands every day, ask yourself: why don’t I fall in love with anyone? You are not weird or anything strange happens to you, there are simply a number of things that can influence our feelings, but do not despair, everything arrives sooner or later. In this article we give you the answers you need to know why you don’t have those feelings of love towards anyone.

Why I don't fall in love with anyone - find out the possible reasons!
Why I don’t fall in love with anyone – find out the possible reasons!

You are too demanding.

Being demanding is not bad at all; it is more you must be with someone with whom you really want to be. However, when we are too demanding it is likely that no one seems really good to us and, therefore, we discard it.

If you meet a lot of people, but you don’t give yourself the opportunity to meet them, you won’t know if it really was the person you could have fallen in love with. Love does not consist of a beautiful body, although the physical also influences and we have to like it, but in wanting to be with a person as long as possible. We are not talking about obsessively wanting to be with someone, but about wanting that person to be part of your life for a long time. And this is only achieved little by little, as you get to know the other person and you see their virtues but also their defects.

Currently, there are many social networks and ways to meet people. Through these networks you can meet other people and meet them. However, if you are too demanding, you can end up discarding many people on the first date. And although being demanding does not hurt, perhaps you should give yourself the opportunity to know more about the other person.

However, we are not telling you not to be demanding, you must respect and love yourself and be with the person you really want. Nor should you force yourself to feel something for a person, feelings are not forced. In the following article we give some keys to not be so demanding.

Not everything is like in the movies.

This is a long-standing big problem. From a young age in the movies they taught us a prince and a princess who had a love story from a story or a movie in this case. As we have grown, we have seen romantic films that have made us believe that this exists and, although in some cases or films it may be true, the truth is that it has little or nothing to do with reality.

Not all films are the same, but in most of them love is idealized and daily couple situations are decorated more than they should. Therefore, we think that our life can be like this and that we will get on the bus one day and meet the person with whom we are going to spend the rest of our lives.

Its okay to daydream

Its okay to daydream and be romantic people, but you shouldn’t get carried away by these idealized stereotypes that can bring you many disappointments when it comes to finding a partner. Just let the situation happen and never expect more from the other person before you meet them.

You should also know that love is depicted as something incredible, exciting and that makes us lift our feet off the ground. And it is true that love makes you nervous, wanting to see the other person and spend time together, it is an explosion of sensations. But you must not think that everything is so exciting. The beginning of relationships is much more intense and as the relationship continues that love feels in different ways and you may not have that explosion of intense sensations. Take this into account because you may be thinking that you do not fall in love or have never fallen in love, but the truth is that you have had these feelings of with another person even though they have been fading.

You don’t know many people.

Perhaps the problem with not falling in love is that you don’t know many people either. It may seem absurd, but it is true that if you always go out in the same environments, with the same people, or you dedicate yourself to work and do not even go out, you will not find so easy a person to fall in love with.

The more people you meet in your life, the more chances you have to find the right person who will make you feel the famous butterflies in your stomach. In the following article we show some tips to know how to meet new people.

You have had bad experiences in love.

It happens very often that many people who have had bad experiences in love do not manage to fall in love again. It may be because you are either still in love with your previous partner or because you have lost hope and illusion.

In the first case, you must rethink whether you have really overcome the breakup with your ex partner. It may be too early to fall in love again because believe it or not, your ex is still in your heart and mind and that is why you cannot find another person. Never compare your previous relationships with those to come, or your current one, since each person is different. And it is important to close one cycle to start another, which is why it is so significant that you take the time to completely forget your previous relationship before going back to being with another person.

On the other hand, there are those who have lost the illusion or hope of finding love  or perhaps find it more difficult due to one or more failed relationships. As we have said, each person is different and each relationship is also. That a relationship has been stormy or that person has not treated you properly or, on the contrary, you want to continue and partner does not, does not mean that the same thing will happen to others. We should never generalize or use other people as an example and above all, no comparisons.


It is something that seems obvious but even today, in the XXI century, these situations continue to exist. There are people who are not clear about their sexuality or do not know what is happening.

You may be looking for the wrong person to fall in love with or you may just not be interested in people of the other sex and you really don’t know it. This may seem inconceivable but it really does happen.

If you have been with other people, you may have even had relationships, but you have not felt in love with any of them, or perhaps yes, but now you cannot find anyone, ask yourself if you are really looking in the right direction.

Sexuality should not be conceived as a taboo. It is talking about the love and feelings of one person towards another, whether they are of the same sex or not. You should not conceive it as something bad, each person has feelings.

Therefore, ask yourself if what you are really looking for is the right thing to do. Maybe you are looking in the right direction and you simply do not fall in love because that person has not arrived, but it is also possible that you are not looking for a person according to your feelings.

You must not despair.

Being in love does not mean that someone comes to complete us, but someone who complements us. It is said that we must look for our better half when in reality we should look for another complete orange with which to share our life.

In addition, you should know that there is not only one love, throughout our lives we can have several loves, but it will be that definitive person, who, at the end of everything, will share with us the rest of our life, or we will form a family, or with which we will coexist.

You should not despair to find or feel love, everything comes in due time. And if it does not come, the worst thing you can do is be with a person just because of the fear of loneliness.

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