The bisexuality is a sexual condition in which a man or a woman is attracted both by people of the same sex as the opposite. If you suspect that a man in your environment likes both sexes, you have to respect their preferences, not being indiscreet, forgetting about labels and accepting that it is a respectable aspect of anyone.
How to tell if a man is bisexual
How to tell if a man is bisexual

Steps to follow:

The first step

  • Is to ask the man directly if he is bisexual. Therefore, if you have confidence with that person, take the opportunity to resolve your doubts, always showing an open mind and without prejudice of any kind. Although if you are not capable of being so indiscreet, you can adopt a more subtle attitude and treat the subject with tact.
  • On the other hand, you can also have a conversation about sexuality in general, introducing the topic of bisexuality to find out their opinions. When you proceed, make sure that you are in favour of bisexuality, that you accept it and that you do not consider it as a stage, because if the boy is bisexual, he will feel more comfortable talking to you openly about this topic.
  • However, not because he proves to be in favour of this type of sexuality does not mean that he is bisexual, but that he can simply be open-minded and modern. But if she seems to be against it, it also does not mean that she is not bisexual, but rather that she could be trying to hide her true identity.
  • You also have to pay attention to the way the man in question refers to his partner. If instead of calling her “my girlfriend” or “my girl” you say “my partner” or “we” or omit names and other details regarding your sexual orientation, you are resorting to an ambiguous treatment that leads to confusion. If he does it continuously, you may suspect that he is bisexual or even homosexual.

Another resource

  • That can be helpful in finding out if a man is bisexual is building trust with him during an approach or meeting. To do this, you can go out to have a few drinks in a relaxed way, and as you lose heart, try to delve into more intimate issues, such as sexuality, to discover your point of view and preferences.
  • If you want to inspire confidence, share with him some of your sexual experiences or secrets, tell him if you have ever been interested in a person of the same sex, and ask indirectly if he has also been in that situation.


  • If the man has multiple gay or bisexual close friends, he may be comfortable with that lifestyle, which could be a sign that he is not straight. Although this could mean that he is simply a person who does not put sexual barriers in friendship, men who like other men tend to have more close friends of gay or bisexual status than heterosexual.

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