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One of the main reasons that answer your question of “why am I so angry with my partner?” May be because there are issues that occurred in your partner’s past that were not completely resolved.

When anger is not handled properly in a relationship, it can cause irreparable damage. For example, if you are constantly reacting in anger that is more than necessary for the situation you may add trouble to a relationship. If your partner tires of the drama, they may decide to end the relationship.

Relationships. Anger can cause lasting scars in the people you love most and get in the way of friendships and work relationships. Explosive anger makes it hard for others to trust you, speak honestly, or feel comfortable—and is especially damaging to children.
There are three types of anger which help shape how we react in a situation that makes us angry. These are: Passive Aggression, Open Aggression, and Assertive Anger. If you are angry, the best approach is Assertive Anger.