Romantic relationships are not easy. It is very difficult to find the person with whom you are a hundred percent fit and keep the flame of passion alive throughout the days. The truth is that finding the perfect partner is almost as complicated as winning the lottery.

Why do my partners always leave me?
Why do my partners always leave me?

However, we must not despair, although until now we have not had much luck in love and that, relationship after relationship, we have always been the abandoned ones. But why does this happen?

Why does the same thing always happen to me in love?

The causes of the breakup of a couple can be multiple and very diverse because each person is different. However, there are some factors that are usually more frequent than others:

The routine

  • The day-to-day life and coexistence make it difficult to maintain the passion and interest for the couple as at the beginning of the relationship. This causes the love bond to fade and a distance is generated.
  • If they always leave you, you may not mind that less passion and that you have a willingness to live more rational love stories. But this is not true for other people, who are always looking to be at the top of the roller coaster when it comes to love.

Your way of being

  • Sometimes, and it is the easiest thing, others are blamed for the breakup and how bad the relationship works, but sometimes the problem is with yourself. If the same thing always happens with different partners.
  • Its time to stop and reflect, as well as to analyse your behaviour in love. This way you will be able to verify that you have patterns that are repeated and that they are precisely the ones that have been making a dent in the relationship.

High expectations

  • This is another reason why your partners may leave you. You may expect too much from the relationship and this puts pressure on the other person because they need to slow down or want a partner who doesn’t demand as much of them. It may also be that you take up too much time and need more freedom.


  • Another of the main causes of breakup. And it is that they complicate a relationship a lot, so it is important to learn to control them to avoid problems and not be every two by three arguing about conjectures that are false.

You link one relationship with another

  • This does not give you time to recover from the previous breakup or to take your time to feel good. If this is your case, you should also analyze why you have this behaviour, because your partners may detect it and it is what makes them put an end to your relationship.

Choosing the wrong partner

  • This is another possibility. Many people are attracted to people with whom they are only going to have a complicated relationship.
  • Moreover its usually sought, even unconsciously, that type of person. It is a behaviour that should be analysed to see the real cause behind it.

Why My Relationships Don’t Last – Sex

On many occasions couples break up over sex. The causes can be many. And there are people who do not want to have a person by their side who do not satisfy them sexually, while others do not care at first until they have more sexual confidence and learn what each one likes and sex begins.

 Only want you for sex

Another option is that the couples you choose only want you for sex and, once the meeting is maintained, they say goodbye, even if you have been seeing each other for several days, weeks and even months.

Here the problem may be that you do not realize the intentions of the other person and you think they want a love relationship, when all they want are carnal encounters.

Tips so that the same thing does not happen to you in love

The first and foremost thing so that your partner does not leave you is:

Feel good about yourself

  •  If you do not solve the problems you may have, this situation will always be a bad starting point for any relationship.

Communication is very important

  •  As knows the type of relationship that the other person wants so that the two of you go in the same direction. Also, do not forget to avoid routine as much as possible and introduce spark into the relationship and not only in sex.

Try to correct your defects or problems

  •  But this does not imply that you have to change one hundred percent to satisfy the other person or to keep them by your side. Think that the couple has to accept you as you are and that they also have to make efforts to maintain the relationship.

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