During the life together of a couple there are good moments and bad moments. The latter may indicate various deficiencies that exist and that neither of them can contribute, or differences that are difficult to ignore for one or the other. There are couples who are able to overcome those bad moments or stages thanks to communication and the capacities of each of them, and others do not succeed, so that in the end the only solution is the breakup of the couple, which involves feelings like frustration, sadness and failure.

Why does love end in a couple
Why does love end in a couple

On many occasions, two people seem made for each other, due to their way of being, their tastes or their way of living. But it can happen that as time goes by, more differences appear, complicated situations occur that put both of them to the test, or simply that passion fades for reasons that many times are not understood.



Love ends at age 3 – reality or myth?

One of the most common reasons for a couple to end a relationship is that they have been together for a long time. On many occasions, a widely used expression is said in these cases: “love is over. “But there are a large number of people who do not understand very well what this phrase means, although it has happened to most of us at some time in our lives. In fact, there is another phrase just as well known: “love ends at 3 years.” Is it true?

It seems that, after being together for a long time, the flame of passion loses its strength or may even go out. This means that how you felt about the other person changes. You no longer feel that strong physical attraction that existed at the beginning of the relationship. If you think this may be happening with your partner, try to analyse your feelings towards the other person. Does she still seem attractive to you as before? Are you still having sex in a satisfactory way? Or, on the contrary, is he more of a friend to you? A person you trust and feel comfortable sharing your routine, but nothing more?

While there are relationships that start out being love and end up being friendlier, there are others that directly, due to arguments and different ways of being, end up in a much more unpleasant way. Not everyone is compatible and, on many occasions, we can end up dating a person who attracts us physically but later does not coincide in tastes or way of being, so you cannot maintain a relationship over time. If you think that is your case, analyze well your way of being and that of your partner and the discussions you have. That can tell you if your relationship can continue or not.

How to know when love ends due to routine?

Another of the great culprits of the end of love within a couple is routine. Day to day, work, doing the same activities all the time, not changing plans and not introducing some variables during the week, can cause a feeling of tiredness and satiety within the couple. It can be said that in this case it is not that love ends, but that we contribute to ending it by the way we live, without trying to make changes that revive it. Love is something that you have to take care of every day to keep it.

How can this problem be remedied? It is very simple; you just have to think about introducing different activities that you do not do in the usual way. Think of something that you really enjoy as a couple, such as going to a spa for a relaxing treatment, visiting that little country house where you spent a wonderful weekend a couple of years ago, or enjoying dinner at that restaurant you have owned. Spoken so many times.

What to do when love ends – the details.

The more years spend in a relationship, the more we forget those little details that keep love there. Do you remember when was the last time you brought him those sweets that he likes so much? Or that you bought him a music record that you both loved? Or that you just gave him a kiss when you got home and asked him about his day?

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