Telling someone I love you

Is very difficult for a person who feels in love with another, since this is a very strong feeling that comes from the heart and you can be afraid of failing or being rejected.

How to tell someone you love them
How to tell someone you love them

Steps to follow:

  • The first thing is to try to have more contact with that special on the link for more You can say anything from a compliment to highlighting some characteristic that you like such as there smile or there hairstyle, it can also be some action that makes that special person feel very happy. It is important to say it in an affectionate tone, maintain eye contact so that you have more confidence and maintain a smile.

When you love someone

  • You want the best for that person it is important that you sincerely care and try to be there for them. When there is a certain interest in a person they can feel something more than a friendship.
  • In case you have decided to tell that person that you love them, Don’t do it by means of texts message or by email this must be done in person. If its is a long distance relationship  saying it with a phone call, you must be clear that this person may not be in love with you, If that person does not love you not to obsess over the subject.

Telling someone you love them

  • When you go to say “I love you”, choose the best time to do it. You can date that person in a quiet place where you can talk without any pressure. It is best to express what you are feeling sincerely without pressuring the other person. Tell them what you like about that person and how long you had those feelings for.



  • Try to calm the nerves.
  • Remember eye contact.
  • Tell them you don’t expect anything in return.

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