It is possible that you are in a relationship and that little by little you have begun to realize that your relationship is not the same as beforePerhaps the passage of time or the neglect of both has begun to take its toll on a relationship that promised to be romantic and passionate in the beginning. But perhaps, you are realizing that your boyfriend has already lost interest in bed, your sexual relations are conspicuous by their absence and also, there are no signs of love between you. In this article we want to explain why your boyfriend doesn’t touch you like before.

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Why doesn't my boyfriend touch me like before?
Why doesn’t my boyfriend touch me like before?

Because he doesn’t want to be with you in a romantic relationship.

The first thing you should do is that you have to accept that you are not always loved as you love the other. If your boyfriend no longer wants to be in a romantic relationship with you but does not know how to tell you, it is more than likely that he will start by stopping touching you as before. It’s a way of telling you in a hidden message that he doesn’t want that life with you anymore.

Maybe he no longer loves you as a couple

You may need to accept this to stop suffering. If you think that your partner does not love you and every day he shows you because he does not touch you as before or does not give you signs of love, then it is time to stop fighting for that relationship.

It is possible that you love your boyfriend with all your heart and have given everything for him, or even have done everything possible to save your relationship. But sometimes that is not enough. You have to love yourself more and accept that your boyfriend doesn’t want to be anymore.

Likes someone else.

It is also possible that your boyfriend does not touch you as before because he has another person in his head. It is not necessary for him to insult you or humiliate you so that he is disrespecting you, although if he does, it is important that you make it clear that you are not treated that way and if necessary, leave him because your self-love and your happiness goes for above all things and, yes, above him too.

But maybe your boyfriend makes excuses for you not to have sex with you or to get close because he has fallen in love with someone else. It may be another woman or another man but if he has sex with another person or even if he is in love again but does not dare to tell you, not touching you is a clear message that tells you that something is wrong.

You are angry or something is wrong.

Perhaps, during your relationship there has been some unresolved conflict that has made him feel that something is not going well between you. When this happens, it is important that you talk things out because hiding what is bothering the other, it will only make the problem worse.

If you notice that something is wrong with your partner, that he may be upset for some reason, it is time for you to talk about it. Trust as a couple is essential for a relationship to work and that is why things must be discussed when they happen and not let time pass. When there is a problem, it is important to find a solution between the two of you and speak from the heart, where emotions and feelings are the protagonists.

Does not know how to tell you something.

Maybe your boyfriend has something on his mind that he wants to tell you but does not dare to tell you for fear of how you will take it. It is possible that he has problems at work, that he has met someone, that he has family problems that worry him. There can be many reasons that torment him mentally and that have nothing to do with you.

For this reason, it is important that your partner knows that you are by his side for good and bad. In this sense, talk to him to find out what is wrong with him and that you can find a solution among them. Remember that a relationship is a matter of two.


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