Virgo is perhaps one of the most complex signs of the zodiac, as they tend to be extremely sceptical people, that is, they doubt the truth of things that they cannot verify, such as feelings.

This can cause Virgo to become a person whose behaviour is sometimes indecipherable, because he cannot hide when something happens to him, but many times what happens to him has no explanation other than his own essence.

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How to understand a Virgo man
How to understand a Virgo man

Virgo man

In the case of the Virgo man, it is very important to understand his scepticism, because therein lies the key to his understanding, understanding and the ideal tools to treat him.

If you want to know more about how to understand a Virgo man, read carefully this article where we reveal wonderful things about this sign.

Steps to follow:

How to understand a Virgo man

  • The first thing you should know about how to understand a Virgo man is that his scepticism leads him to need facts to check the words. You’ve likely told a Virgo man that you love him, and he’s more likely still waiting for you to show it to him.
  • The Virgo man likes details, affection, caresses and considers that love can be transmitted far beyond an “I love you” every day.

Lack of coherence

  • To understand a Virgo man, you must know that there are few things that bother him as much as the lack of coherence in the facts.
  • As the thoughts of those born under this sign never stop working, it is customary for the Virgo man to be constantly analysing whether what the people around him say corresponds with what they do.
  • It should not seem strange to you if a Virgo man is upset out of nowhere when you contradict yourself in deeds and words, because for him to do what you profess is a law of life and breaking this rule is a sin.

Another characteristic

  • It’s very important to take into account is that the word is sacred, When a Virgo man agrees to do something you can count on it.
  • As his word is something he takes quite seriously and he expects the same from others Therefore when someone gives his word to a Virgo man and fails him, he is likely to feel  hurt and his pain causes him to break the relationships forever with the person who has failed him.


  • When a Virgo man is hurt it is very difficult for him to forget.
  • Virgo is one of the few people who – because of his scepticism – once you show him what he wants, he deliberately believes in you.
  • However, when you break a Virgo man’s heart or fail him, he has a hard time getting over it and giving  forgiveness.
  • They are usually spiteful people and the damage they have done to you is something that tends to accumulate, it hurts you, reproaches you and prevents you from venturing into new relationships because of an imminent fear of being hurt again.

Love and sensitive

  • The Virgo man is a man in love and sensitive, but it is difficult for him to show it. The very fear of past failures prevents him from letting go right off the bat and, fuelled by scepticism,
  • He often waits for the other person to reassure him before venturing out to show his feelings.
  • However, once a Virgo man overcomes the barrier of fear and decides to love again he gives himself completely, he is faithful, unconditional and the person he loves is his priority.


  • To understand a Virgo man, you must know that they are people with a lot of character.
  • It is best to leave them alone when they are upset, wait for them to analyse the situation, take all the analytical probabilities out of the picture and take a stand.
  • Why? Because Virgo is too emotional and if he is tormented when he is upset, he can say very hurtful words of which, most of the time, he regrets.


  • The analytical capacity of a Virgo man can be a point in your favour when he is in a bad temper.
  • Its enough to let them immerse themselves in their thoughts so that alone will return to calm, they are able to listen and are willing to seek a solution

Very good memory

  • It is good to understand that they are people with a very good memory.
  • Never try to confuse or lie to a Virgo because, even if he does not let you know, deep down he has realized that you have done it and will store it in his list of things that he will later turn against you.
  • The Virgo man preaches sincerity as a religion, he prefers a thousand times that the truth hurts before feeling that you have played with him or have seen his innocent face.

Very cultured men

  • The Virgo man is like a sponge, he absorbs everything you tell him, what he reads, what he does.
  • Most of the time they are very cultured men who like literature, debate and long conversations
  • which leads him to surround himself with people who for him have an intellectual charm and who like him, they can be a book of stories.

 Family is his temple

  • Finally, to understand a Virgo man you must know that the family is his temple
  • They are people who believe in marriage, that their family is the priority and nothing will interfere with their family commitments
  • Everything and everyone matters less than their loved ones. The love for a Virgo man is loyalty to his partner and his children.


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