When you break up with someone for good, for whatever reasons, and that person becomes your ex-partner, in theory it means that you have decided that each of you will follow a new and separate path. But sometimes it happens, that the day comes when your ex tries to contact you again, which may seem very strange or contradictory if it was he who decided to leave him at the time or if he currently seemed to be happy being in a relationship with another person.

Why does my ex look for me if he has another - you will be surprised?
Why does my ex look for me if he has another – you will be surprised?

 I miss you.

If your breakup is relatively recent, that is, you broke the relationship a few months or less than a year ago, it is very likely that he, even if he is with another, continues to think about you. This happens because maybe their current relationship is not very serious or they have only been dating for a few months. The safest thing is that if he misses you, he will try to meet you again and insist on it, even if you tell him that you do not have any kind of desire to meet him again.

In this situation, you should reflect on the reasons why the relationship broke up. If they were serious problems such as totally incompatible personalities or because you no longer loved each other, it is not recommended that you play along. On the contrary, if they were superficial or minor reasons, you can decide to give him a second chance, as long as he stops being with the other person.

It was you who ended the relationship.

Another reason why your ex-boyfriend looks for you again is because you were the one who broke up the relationship. He is probably trying to have a relationship with another person to get over your breakup or he may be trying to make you jealous with her so that you can get back with him. This can be sensed if they show off a lot about that person in front of you or if they put a photo with them when they know you are connected to social networks.

If you still believe that you made the best decision for both him and yourself, it is recommended that you have an honest conversation with him and tell him that you do not want to have any type of contact with him. It may be painful for him at first, but in the long run, it will help him get over your breakup faster and focus on his new partner.

You are not happy with your new partner.

One of the reasons why your previous boyfriend is looking for you is because his new relationship is probably not going very well. If he was the one who left you and now he’s with a totally different girl than you, it’s because at the time he thought he needed someone other than you to make his love life work. However, now he is with another person who thought he would complement him, but instead the relationship is being a real failure.

When this happens, it is very common for the person who broke up with you to reconsider their way of seeing you and want to try to get back with you and continue your relationship right where you left off. The decision of whether you want your ex back in your life or not is yours alone. However, we recommend that you think about it and, above all, that you be strong

Wants to sleep with you.

The last reason your ex is looking for you again despite being in a relationship with someone else is, nothing more and nothing less, that he wants to have sex with you againThe reasons may be that she has seen your last photos and finds you very attractive again, that she does not finish understanding in bed with her new partner or simply because she wants to have an affair with someone.

Whatever the reason, in all cases he does not want to have anything serious with you again and, once he has satisfied his sexual appetite, he will surely return to his daily routine with his partner. Therefore, think carefully if you want to simply be your ex’s sex toy or, at best, the “other” in a love triangle.

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