Virgo is one of the horoscope signs for whom it is most difficult to find the exact match. It is not that they have difficulties to relate, it is that they are so analytical and perfectionists that they always doubt whether they should take the final step, costing them a lot to fall in love.

What is the best partner for Virgo
What is the best partner for Virgo

If we take into account that as an Earth sign for Virgo the relationship with the partner is very important, we will discover why he worries so much about finding his other half. To help you in your choice, in the following article we will explain which the best partner for Virgo is.

Ideal match for Virgo man.

Virgo and Gemini can become the perfect couple, yes; there must be an effort to try to listen to the opinions of the other. The two signs tend to lock themselves in their own beliefs, but if they learn to understand each other, that union will be great.

The good thing about Virgo and Gemini as a couple is that they have as many differences as similarities, which gives them many points in common to enjoy and many different things about each other that will help them learn and observe the world with different eyes. For Gamines, a Virgo couple will help them achieve that security and strength that costs them so much, on the other hand, for Virgos, a Gemini couple will give them that touch of humour and relaxation that they often need but cannot achieve.

What is the best partner for Virgo woman?

Something similar to the above is what happens with Virgo couples. The reality is that no one can understand a Virgo as well as another Virgo, on the other hand, only a Virgo knows how to really piss off another. This means that Virgo couples, if they are able to lower their usual levels of criticism towards each other, can form a fantastic duo that can handle anything.

These relationships are not usually very romantic, with great adventures and beautiful phrases in the light of the moon. However, they will be full of kindness, altruism, helping the other at all times, and respecting their space and showing love in every little gesture.  Passion is usually reserved for when they are in bed and there the two will also speak the same language.

Virgo compatible signs.

In addition to those that we have already mentioned in the article, there are other signs that are compatible with Virgo in love:


Taurus is another of the signs with which Virgo has a high compatibility, a relationship in which loyalty will always be present. Both are naturally attracted, in fact, they are one of the most frequent partners. Taurus is capable of bringing calm to Virgos’ busy heads; however, they can sometimes feel overwhelmed or tired of their analytical hunger. For their part, Virgo can feel bad about the apparent distance that Taurus can show. That is why the great, natural connection you feel is sometimes not enough.


Virgos and Concertinas have a great compatibility, so if they do not come to fruition as a couple, they can do so as great friends. Some problems that may arise is the inability of Virgo to understand the abrupt mood swings typical of Cancer, on the other hand, Cancer does not always tolerate Virgo’s own criticism or because of their secrecy. However, if they are able to understand each other, they can build a very fruitful relationship.


The connections between Scorpio and Virgo are seen from the first moment and simply dress; in fact, they are two signs that see life in a similar way, betting on simplicity and pragmatism. However, as a couple you may encounter some obstacles to building a lasting relationship. The main problem is that Scorpios never reject a confrontation, while Virgos act more diplomatically. If both fail to understand each other’s particularities and focus on enjoying the good things they have, the relationship can be stormy.


At first it may seem like a contradiction, since Virgo and Pisces are at the opposite end, however, their total differences make them feel naturally attracted. Pisces are all dreams, Virgos are down to earth, but the union of the two – if Virgo leaves aside so much criticism – will help one learn to achieve their goals and the others soften their character.

With what signs does Virgo get on badly

With the exception of Gamines, with whom enormous distances can become a great relationship, Virgos have a natural tendency not to know how to relate and understand the air signs, that is: Libra and Aquarius. These, with their usual carefree and reverie, put the methodical Virgo on the nerves. For their part, they do not understand that Virgo is happy in stability and being in control of the situation. In the end, although there may be a lot of attraction, due to the differences they have, it is very difficult to build something that lasts over time.

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